Meet one of our volunteers!

Sue – Schools Programme Volunteer


My career was in Direct Marketing Advertising, where I worked with a number of big charities – such as NSPCC, The Salvation Army, Shelter, Age Concern, RSPB, etc. Whilst working with the charities I learned a great deal about families that needed support, children living in appalling conditions, suffering abuse, poverty etc resulting in all sorts of issues to contend with.


So when I thought about volunteering, I was drawn to the idea of working with a children’s charity.


The Team Manager at the school I volunteer in is so motivating and helpful. She knows all the children using the service and is always there to discuss any specific issues you may come across. By nature I am an energetic person, loving Badminton, Yoga, Pilates, Nordic walking and generally being busy! The school environment suits me very well as it’s fun, rewarding, sociable and no one day is ever the same. The time flys by!


When I started, my first project was helping 2 children in the Infant school. They had just come to the school from abroad and didn’t speak any English. Their confidence needed building up and support generally. I worked alongside the SENCO and spent time with them reading. I’ve continued to work with them in the classroom and on a one to one basis. I got to know them better and they could ask all sorts of questions about life in England, the school, other children, friendships, and school work. iI’s wonderful to see them doing so well in all their subjects.


I also work with two children in Infants, supporting with activities such as reading and writing, numeracy, rehearsing for assembly shows and art. The teachers and their team are really happy to have volunteers and appreciate that we are helping the children who need extra support to get the most out of the lessons. They will always brief you on what they would like you to concentrate on that day with the children.


Children have phenomenal memories and once you’ve worked with them, they never forget you. It’s wonderful when they see you in the playground and run across to say hello.