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Our School

In 2018, we opened a special primary school for children with social, emotional and mental health needs.  We have set up our school as an independent school and will work closely with local authorities to ensure that we can provide exceptional provision to children who require intensive, high quality specialist support to make excellent progress. It is our belief and mission that every child can learn and enjoy a fulfilling school life, regardless of their social, emotional and mental health needs.

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Our Approach

Our school delivers exceptional multi-disciplinary education and therapeutic support to children who have social, emotional & mental health needs. We work in close partnership with parents and families, to develop personalised, dynamic support for every child in our school community. Our model involves a commitment from parents to participate regularly in the personalised family curriculum which is agreed for each child.

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Our School Team

The school is staffed by a dedicated team of teachers, clinicians and learning support assistants. They are working together to design a school model which meets social, emotional and mental health needs using innovative, multi-disciplinary approaches. The team are supported by a highly experienced and supportive executive team

Headteacher: Daniela Caton (

“We recognise that we can only provide transformational opportunities for children and young people if they know that we care about them and believe in their potential to succeed.”

Head of The Corner School