Andy Cook

Andy is the Chief Executive of the Centre of Social Justice (CSJ). Before this, Andy founded and led an award-winning charity to work with disadvantaged and excluded young people all across the Midlands. Andy’s experience in and passion for the voluntary sector has led him to be a Trustee of Dallaglio Rugby Works, The Christopher Nieper Foundation, Unlocking Potential and an advisor to several senior philanthropists.

Andy’s leadership in supporting some of the most marginalised people in the UK has given him a unique voice in Westminster. He has continued the CSJ’s unparalleled impact on welfare reform, modern slavery and the UKs addiction strategy, and led the debate on school exclusion, debt policy and youth centre infrastructure. The CSJ has been awarded social policy think tank of the year for the last 2 years running. Andy has also built the CSJ Foundation, with offices sited nationwide in areas of high deprivation, to support front line leaders, provide a bridge to national policymakers, and redirect millions of pounds of philanthropy into where it’s needed most .”