7 Tips to Help Children Build Self Esteem

We have been having a wonderful time in schools this week. We are feeling very grateful for all of the team managers, staff and volunteers that have helped lead and facilitate our workshops so far. One more day to go!

Here are 7 tips that you can use with your children to help them continue to build their self-esteem:

  • Make your child feel special by noticing their positive qualities and telling them that you’ve noticed
  • Support your child to do things their own way, to face challenges and take risks
  • Teach your children to think about cause-and-effect, this will help them to make the right choices
  • Decide what the non-negotiable and negotiable rules or expectations are in your family, and teach them to your children
  • Teach your child when and how to disagree
  • Teach your child to contribute to home life so that they can build self-esteem from doing esteemable things
  • Tell your child that you love them