Cooking with our Alumni


“I really appreciate learning to cook a healthy meal on my own”

As part of our engagement with our Alumni from the Young Adults Programme, we have been running a series of cooking workshops on Friday afternoons with our wonderful, professional Chef, Ibrahim.  The purpose of the workshops is to upskill the graduates with the necessary skills to be able to cook healthy, affordable meals…and have fun along the way!!!

Over the last 5 weeks, they have been busy creating lots of dishes from omelettes, pasta bakes, jerk chicken, chicken casserole to healthy burgers!!  We have run competitions to encourage the young people to practice what they have learned outside the sessions and send photos of what they have made at home.

The group have been very open to trying new foods and flavours and pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.  We also did some herb tasting thanks to Tromie’s herb garden!!  They are thoroughly enjoying developing new skills, learning about ingredients and following recipes.  The graduates have really grown in confidence with cooking independently and making healthy decisions. They have also all been really supportive and encouraging of one another in the kitchen!  We have been lucky enough to be joined by lots of the staff to taste the delicious food they have prepared and give lovely feedback!! I think the staff thoroughly enjoy Friday afternoons in the office!!

The feedback from the Alumni speaks for itself, “I was really surprised how much food was made out of only a few ingredients”, “I really appreciate learning to cook a healthy meal on my own, “It has been really rewarding as I am learning a lot and my team won so I am proud.  Thank you for the experience!”, “I really enjoy the Friday cooking and I am grateful being taught new foods from Chef”, “A small amount of produce can actually make a lot of food and much healthier!”